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PHRI Impact Report 2019

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Physicians for Human Rights Israel
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Medicine Goes Beyond Medical Care


Palestinian-Jewish cooperation is an increasingly rare sight these days, especially when it comes to working towards mutual values such as justice, compassion and equality. We believe that the medical field, at its core, is an environment in which these values exist and a framework from which these values can be promoted. We come from very different backgrounds: Prof. Raphael Walden is an Israeli Jew whose family survived the horrors of the Holocaust, Dr. Mushira Aboo-Dia is a Palestinian citizen of Israel who grew up facing institutional discrimination. Yet, our shared values and shared occupation bind us together and motivate us to continue our work at Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI).

For us, PHRI represents something bigger than its direct humanitarian work. When we volunteer at PHRI’s Clinics - which treat Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, asylum seekers, and other uninsured individuals in Israel - we have a practical impact on patients’ lives. Yet, medicine goes beyond medical care. Interacting with patients teaches us about strength, resilience and hope, while our volunteer work enables us to stand up for what we believe is true, focusing on our commonalities as a means of promoting change.

In the following pages, you will find 2019 narrated as a chronicle, seen through the eyes of our patients, volunteers, and staff members. It is a story of the trust we were given by our patients, volunteers, partners and supporters in Israel, in the occupied Palestinian territory, and around the world, and the work that was done in an increasingly hostile climate. We thank you all for that.

Now, at the start of a new decade, we ask you to join us in our work to provide timely humanitarian care and engage in political activism, so that all can access what seems so basic - the right to health.

PHRI President Prof. Raphael Walden & PHRI Chair Dr. Mushira Aboo-Dia