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QRCS completes Phase 2 of residential project in northern Syria [EN/AR]

Qatar Red Crescent
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January 6th, 2021 ― Doha: Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has completed Phase 2 of a residential project in the vicinity of the Al-Bab City, northern Syria.

Titled “Umran City”, the new project secures shelter for many displaced Syrians, with the funds raised from the benevolent donors of Qatar.

Established over a 10,000-m2 land plot, the project consists of 92 46-m2 flats in total, or 23 two-story buildings, each having four 2-BHK flats. The town is fully equipped with electricity, water supply, and sewage infrastructure, as well as paved streets with solar street lights, a mosque, and shops to serve the residents.

The purpose of the project is to shelter the most vulnerable displaced Syrians at camps, such as orphans, widows, and persons with special needs. It helps to improve their living conditions, by moving them from torn-out tents to real houses that preserve their dignity and protect them against the cold weather. The flats were delivered to the beneficiaries, who were selected carefully based on strict criteria carried out by the needs assessment team. The operation of the town will be undertaken by the Municipality of Al-Bab, in collaboration with a committee from the residents of the town.

Abo Mohamed, a beneficiary, said, “My home in Aleppo was bombed, and I lost my leg. I had to live at one tent with my mother, two wives, and nine children. I have always dreamt of a house to protect my family and me during the summer and winter”.

“Some of my children were surprised to see a concrete house,” said Abo Mohamed, having taken over his new flat. “They were born and grown up in tents. They had no idea what a wall, door, or window is. They did not know how to use light switches or water taps”.

He thanked the team of the project for changing the lives of his children and family to the better. Opened in 2019, Phase 1 of the project involved 116 flats that were delivered in the same year. Overall, 208 flats have been built, for the benefit of over 1,200 persons.