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COVID-19 Update Situation Report No. 10 As of 15 December 2020

UN RC Mozambique
Publication date

• As of 15 December, there were 17,042 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mozambique;

• According to the Ministry of Health (MISAU) between 07

  • 13 December there were:

o 1,990 active COVID-19 cases;

o 710 positive test results (7% positivity test rate);

o 402 recoveries from COVID-19; and

o 9 deaths from COVID-19;

• The majority of active cases are located Maputo City accounting for 60% of the total number of active cases in Mozambique;

• The results of the 10th epidemiology survey conducted in Chimoio, Manica indicate the COVID-19 sero-prevalence in Manica province is 1.4%. This is the lowest after Niassa and Tete provinces which were 0.7%;

• The preliminary results for the sero-prevalence tests conducted in Gaza suggest 3.7% of randomly selected households have been exposed to COVID-19 in Xai-Xai and 5.3% in Chokwe (the highest rate nationwide);

• In December, 17 primary and secondary schools were shut by order of the National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INEA) due to non-compliance with measures to combat COVID-19; and • The Minister of Health indicated that Mozambique has probably reached the COVID-19 peak between September and October according to data analysis as the country is now following a downward trend as number of cases have gradually slowed down.