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AFAD International Humanitarian Aid Annual Report 2019

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Govt. Türkiye
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Since its establishment in 2009, Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has carried out humanitarian operations in 58 countries across 5 different continents in an attempt to help people affected by disasters such as earthquakes, floods, drought, famine and other international disturbances such as war.

Both the 2018 and 2019 Global Humanitarian Assistance Report list Turkey as the highest spending country on humanitarian assistance. Although there is a difference of opinion on Turkey's international humanitarian assistance expenditure, Turkey remains the highest spending country on international humanitarian assistance based on GDP.

2019 saw an increase in natural disasters that required international assistance and the further detoriation of conflicts in Syria and Yemen. These war-torn countries and those affected by refugee crises have continued to remain on the international agenda and have been issues that AFAD has continuously tried to heal.

Apart from on-going conflicts, in 2019 AFAD provided emergency aid to countries that were affected by natural disasters, including the deadliest earthquake witnessed in Albania, which left 51 people dead and around 3,000 injured. The different socio-climates of countries leave them facing different types of problems. While countries such as Iran and Iraq witnessed heavy rainfall and floods in 2019, Somalia and Burkina Faso were affected by deadly droughts.

AFAD has been committed to healing the wounds of people across the world affected by war, famine and other disasters. In 2019 alone, AFAD reached out to 11 countries, responding to calls made by national governments calling for humanitarian assistance. A total of 55 million USD was spent on international humanitarian assistance in 2019. This budget excludes all operational and logistic costs and rests solely on the amount of aid deliverd.

This report published by AFAD provides details on the different humanitarian missions that AFAD undertook in 2019 and provides information on the types of humanitarian aid delivered and the budget spared for each operation.