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Integration Concerns of Parents about Syrian Children

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Tufts Univ.
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Syrian refugees have been a hot topic in Turkey since 2011, but integration has not yet made its way onto the government’s agenda. For a very long time, authorities have treated Syrians as "guests" who will return to Syria, and whose stay in Turkey is only temporary. After almost a decade, integration (officially termed “harmonization”) has recently been acknowledged as a potential solution to the presence of Syrians because the likelihood that Syrians will be able to return home has diminished, and authorities realize that they must develop the relevant policies before it is too late. Inaction is the authorities' way of demonstrating their intentions, but its consequences affect the lives of Syrians. The lack of a firm and consistent policy creates distrust and uncertainty, and Syrian parents worry about the future of their children should they remain in Turkey, but also if they return to Syria. This report focuses on three main concerns for Syrian children: potential statelessness, loss of the Arabic language, and racism.