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Emergency Food Assistance Under Distribution in Shire Town

Govt. Ethiopia
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Addis Ababa, December 17/2020 (ENA) The National Risk Management Commission said it has been effectively distributing food supplies in three sites of Shire town, Tigray State, as part of the humanitarian assistance being delivered to the region.

About 25,000 displaced persons in three different refugee camps are receiving humanitarian assistance, according to ENA reporter who witnessed the distribution underway.

Risk Response and Monitoring Head, Taye Getachew told Ethiopian News Agency that the National Risk Management Commission has allocated close to 31,500 quintals of food to the displaced.

Out of this, over 18,000 quintals have reached the warehouse at Shire to be distributed to the displaced in the town and surroundings, he said.

“In addition to Shire and the surrounding areas, humanitarian assistance has been provided for displaced people in Adwa, Aksum, and Shiraro. We have already transported the food supplies eleven days ago; and they are being distributed to the needy.”

According to the head, vulnerable persons such as pregnant women, infants, patients and the elderly get special supply, including spaghetti, rice, and macaroni, among others.

He, however, noted that lack of telecom and electricity services have challenged the food logistics and supply.

From among the recipient of the assistance, the youngster Hagos Geberemariam said “the food assistance is very crucial at this point and time. We have received aid, despite the minor bureaucratic challenges. But the food aid has been coming without any delay from the government side.”

The female recipient, Neima Mesud thanked the government for its commitment.

The 50-year old Aidaykifle Mengasha said the government has been exerting effort to assist the vulnerable population.

He added, “The effort of the government has been really laudable. I saw 50 loaded trucks coming with supply to support the displaced people of Tigray. And this made me feel exhilarated.”