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Gov’t Providing Humanitarian Support to 60,000 Residents of Alamata town, Rural Kebeles

Govt. Ethiopia
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Alamata, December 14/2020 (ENA)The government of Ethiopia has been providing humanitarian assistance to some 60 thousand residents of Alamata town and surrounding rural kebeles in Tigray Regional State, according to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission.

Emergency Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Senior Expert at the Commission, Solomon Admasu said the commission is working in collaboration with Ministry of Peace to help people that need humanitarian assistance in Tigray region.

Accordingly, some 60,000 people were identified in Alamata town and the surrounding Kebeles and are now provided with a humanitarian assistance, he said.

“The government of Ethiopia conducted an assessment to see the number of people that might require humanitarian assistance in Alamata during the law enforcement operation. According to the assessment, the people that need assistance were estimated at 100,000 in Alamata town and its surrounding areas. Currently, the government is distributing about 9,000 quintal of food items to 60 percent of these people.”

Moreover, he stated that efforts are also being made to provide immediate assistance to the remaining members of the community in rural Kebeles.

Residents approached by the Ethiopian News Agency have expressed their joy for the humanitarian assistance and the speedy restoration of basic services such as electricity, water supply, banking and telecommunications , by recalling the distress they had experienced during the law enforcement operation.

They said that they are happy as the government has been providing the support by identifying people who truly need the assistance without any political affiliation.

“Previously the support was given based on political affiliation. The aid had not been distributed to the people properly. Instead it was taken to the market for their benefits. It had never been reached to the right beneficiaries.”

“Everybody now is happy by the humanitarian assistance both the elders and the youth.”

It was indicated that an initial round of humanitarian relief, including medical items were sent to Dansha, Welkait, Kafta/Humera and Debarq areas on mid-November 2020.

Similarly, the Federal Government dispatched 44 trucks carrying 18,200 quintal of food aid to the town of Shire to be distributed in other parts of the region on December 8, 2020.

It is to be recalled that on November 29, 2020, the Federal Government signed an agreement with the United Nations that outlines collaboration for the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Tigray Region.