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Tonga, Niue - Tropical Cyclone ZAZU (Radio New Zealand, MET Tonga, MET Fiji, JTWC, GDACS, WMO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 14 December 2020)

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  • A new tropical cyclone ZAZU (formerly known as SIX) formed on 13 December over the South Pacific Ocean and is moving south, towards Tonga islands. On 14 December at 0.00 UTC, its center was located about 25 km north-east of the inhabited Fonualei Island (Tonga), and 75 km north of Vava'u group (Tonga), with maximum sustained wind of 74 km/h.
  • ZAZU is forecast to strengthen, while moving southwards and reaching the central Vava'u in the evening of 14 December, with maximum sustained wind up to 90 km/h. After that, ZAZU will move south-east over the South Pacific Ocean.
  • Warnings for strong wind, high waves, and heavy rainfall have been issued for most of Tonga and strong wind warnings remain in force for Niue. On 14-15 December, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and strong wind are forecast over most of Tonga, from Vava'u to 'Eua group and for Niue.