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Yemen/ MENA: Floods Operation Update Report n° 1, DREF n° MDRYE009

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Description of the disaster

Since April, Yemen experienced heavy rains which caused flash floods in different governorates of the country requiring immediate assistance. On 21 April, a tropical storm hit the southern coast of Yemen with highest impact in Lahj, Aden, Taiz, Ad Dali’, Abyan, and Hadramawt, affecting at least 150,000 people across 13 governorates, including 64,000 internally displaced people. The floods destroyed roads, bridges, and blocked access to affected areas, which resulted in temporary disruption to humanitarian activates.

The situation was further compounded by the first case of COVID-19 reported on 10 April in the country, and the flood-affected areas had witnessed increased conflict and displacement in the last three months. The floods lasted up until the end of August 2020.

Summary of current response

Since the onset of the floods, YRCS activated its emergency protocol for coordination with those branches in the most affected areas, mobilizing over 20 staff and 80 volunteers in activities including rapid assessment, First Aid, evacuation, ambulance service, and psychosocial support.
With the DREF being approved, YRCS mobilized its prepositioned stocks to the governorates in need and promptly distributed NFI kits that included blankets, hygiene kits and jerry cans, to the affected populations.

Overview of Host National Society

Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) has a nationwide presence in Yemen, with 22 branches in the different governorates across the country. Health humanitarian services are a priority for YRCS including primary health care, community based health and public health in emergencies. With more than 5,000 volunteers throughout the territory,
YRCS has the capacity to reach most of the territory and engage in first response actions related to the humanitarian crisis and other situations such as this outbreak.

Overview of Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

Given the ongoing conflict in the country since 2014, there is a limited but solid presence of Movement partners in Yemen. IFRC has a legal status and been present since 2003. Key areas of support from IFRC is in Disaster Management, Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and National Society Development (NSD). The IFRC country office has a multidisciplinary team of 14 members including programmes (DM, Health/WASH and Organizational Development) and support services.

The ICRC has HQ agreement with the authorities in Yemen and has presence in country since 1962. Currently Yemen is one of the ICRC’s top 10 operations globally, and is engaged across different governorates, especially those in the frontline, and with focus on humanitarian interventions in health, Restoring Family Links, Economic Security, Water and Habitat, protection and dead body management.

Danish Red Cross, German Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross and Qatar Red Crescent are present in Yemen and support YRCS bilaterally.They are specialized in health but also emergency response and contribute to the Movement emergency operation with specific resources, such as household items and shelter.

Overview of non-RCRC actors’ actions in country

In coordination with OCHA, the Camp Management and Camp Coordination (CCCM) Cluster worked with the authorities to assess needs and mobilize an immediate response at IDP sites. The Shelter/Non-Food Items (NFIs), WASH, Health and Protection and Food Security and Agriculture (FSAC) clusters, are working to respond to immediate needs in all the areas affected. Partners cleared some damaged roads and conducted dewatering operations in power stations and mobilized resources to scale up the response.

YRCS is active member of the Shelter/NFIs/CCCM cluster in Yemen