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Global Weather Hazards Summary: December 11-17, 2020

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Abnormal dryness strengthens across Southern Africa

  1. Despite ongoing mitigation measures, desert locust swarms and hopper bands continue to migrate across the Greater Horn of Africa. Swarms are expected to migrate from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya beginning in mid-December.

  2. A erratic start to the short rains season in East Africa has led to large moisture deficits in Kenya. Recovery is less likely as the season comes to an end.

  3. Heavy rainfall last week triggered significant flooding across parts of the DRC, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.
    Continued rainfall next week will maintain a high flood risk.

  4. A late start to the rainy season has led to moderate to large moisture deficits, resulting in abnormal dryness in the central and southern parts of Madagascar.

  5. Above-average temperatures were recorded over parts of South Africa, Eswatini, Zambia, Mozambique, and Madagascar. Abnormal heat is expected to continue into next week.

  6. Below-average rainfall since November has strengthened dryness in parts of Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Eswatini, and Mozambique.