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Bringing Safe Water To Nduta Refugee Camp, Tanzania

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Water Mission
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For the first time, 50,000 refugees in Tanzania’s Nduta refugee camp have access to safe water. In a year filled with unique challenges and sweeping changes to our daily lives, milestones such as this remind us of the heart of our work: fostering unity and inspiring hope.

Water Mission partnered with the Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, and the United Nations Refugee Agency to bring safe water to men, women, and children living in Nduta refugee camp to escape the extreme poverty and violence in Burundi.

“Water Mission believes that we are not going to solve the global water crisis on our own but through working in collaboration with many organizations. Because of the generosity of our partners, Water Mission can play a significant role ensuring safe water is accessible. Until this year, there was no consistent treatment of drinking water in Nduta. Today, new automated chlorine dosing systems ensure safe water is a reality for 50,000 of the camp’s refugees.” -Will Furlong, Water Mission Regional Director, Tanzania

Each partnering organization contributed expertise and resources in order to accomplish something greater than what any one organization could do alone. And your gifts and prayers furthered this effort, helping us to bring life-saving sustainable solutions to where they were most needed.