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North-West Syria – Shelter & NFI Emergency Overview (October 2020)

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Displacement Updates in North-West Syria

Some 2.7 million IDPs are living in north-west Syria, bringing the total population to over 4.3 million.

As reported by HNAP, 20,548 IDPs were displaced in October, the majority of whom have been displaced three or more times (77%). The top three sub-district of arrival were Maaret Tamsrin, Afrin and Dana. Close to half (48%) of the October IDPs reported NFI as a priority need, whereas 39% reported shelter as a priority need.

Just over half of all persons recently displaced (10,274 IDPs) are reportedly living in adequate housing. However, around 43% are living in emergency shelter, predominantly tents, while 7% are living in sub-standard buildings, most of which are unfinished buildings.