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Syria: UNHCR Operational Update, October 2020

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The Syrian crisis continues to have profound impact on the lives of ordinary families mainly women and children who face protection risks and need a wide range of humanitarian assistance. The extent to which essential services such as schools, health facilities, electricity and water supply have been affected has had far reaching implications on the daily lives of ordinary people. Although some of the affected population has returned to communities of origin to restart their lives, recovery efforts are confronted with the harsh reality of growing economic challenges ranging from the devaluation of the local currency to high prices of essential goods and services. The inability of individual households to meet their basic needs remains even further compounded by the global COVID-19 Pandemic with its attending negative health and socio-economic impact on already vulnerable communities in Syria. UNHCR with the support of donors is working with the government and partners to assist those in need of humanitarian assistance under its refugee programme and the wider Syrian humanitarian response as the lead Protection,
Non-Food Item and Shelter sector agency