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Syria & the Surrounding Countries - ETC Situation Report #44 (Reporting Period: 01/10/2020 to 30/11/2020)

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The ETC operates under the ‘Whole of Syria (WoS)’ approach which comprises activities in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan for an effective humanitarian response inside Syria. The next report will be issued on or around 31/01/2021.


• The ETC in Syria is preparing to submit its inputs to the 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) with a total budget request of US$600,000.

• The annual ETC user satisfaction survey in Syria resulted in an overall user satisfaction rate of 95.6% for the core ETC services provided in the country. The full report can be read here.

• From 15-16 November, the ETC installed Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) in two UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) vehicles to support the safety and security of staff.