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UNAMID peacekeepers conduct basic life support training for volunteers in Central Darfur

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Zalingei- 26 November; UNAMID Forward Surgical Team from Pakistan organized a “Basic Life Support (BLS)’’ training session for 18 volunteers from the local community and members of the Military contingents. The training, held at the Mission’s Headquarters in Zalingei, Central Darfur, involved practical demonstrations on prompt recognition of life-threatening emergencies to help the victims with life-threatening illnesses or injuries before they are given full medical care at the hospital or clinic.

During the training, the participants were given practical demonstrations on prompt recognition of life-threatening emergencies and immediately starting with CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) including high quality chest compressions and effective rescue breaths. Participants were also trained on how to maintain the airway of a victim who is choking.

Addressing the participants, Major Abu Sufyan, Officer Commanding, Forward Surgical Team Zalingei, explained that the Basic Life Support (BLS training is a level of medical care which is used for victims with life -threatening illnesses or injuries before the patient can receive full medical care at a hospital. This kind of care can be provided by trained medical personnel and by qualified bystanders. “Our Surgical Team plans to organize more training workshops in future to help local health authorities to improve their basic emergency health care standards”, Major Sufyan added.

Speaking on behalf of local community Osman Ahmed, a local volunteer who keenly participated in the activity noted that such training sessions are beneficial for the community and will help the trained medical personnel and volunteers to sustain life until definitive medical assistance is available.

“I recall a recent incident where one local colleague got his airway blocked whilst eating food. He died because no one knew how to administer these basic unblocking maneuvers to unblock his throat pathway. I will definitely motivate the youngsters in my town, or even our village to undergo this kind of basic life support training,” Mr. Ahmed stated.