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Southern Africa Food and Nutrition Security Working Group (FNSWG) Bulletin 3 - November 2020

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• 51.3 million people are projected to be food insecure in Southern Africa (Figure 1). The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to magnify the scale and severity of food insecurity.

• 2.3 million people across Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe are at risk of further food security deterioration in the region due to African Migratory Locust (AML). In addition, FAO has released an early warning for Desert Locust for north-eastern regions of the United Republic of Tanzania.

• 8.4 million children are estimated to suffer from acute malnutrition across the region in 2020, out of which, 2.3 million will require life-saving treatment for severe acute malnutrition.

• 9-12 tropical storms (or 5-to7 cyclones) are forecast to occur during the 2020-2021 season from October to May in the south-western Indian Ocean, with significant chances that one or more can make landfall and cause devastation.

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