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WFP Latin America & Caribbean Region COVID-19 Logistics Situation Update #19 | 25 November 2020

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Atlantic Hurricane Season: Historically speaking, we have entered the last week of the hurricane season.

  • Tropical Disturbance 1 (Bermuda): Shower activity associated with a frontal low pressure system located several hundred miles southeast of Bermuda has become a little better organized on 26 November. The low could acquire some subtropical characteristics during the next day or two while it drifts south-southwestward. After that time, the system is expected to move north-northeastward into an area of less favourable environmental conditions. Tropical depression formation probability through 5 days is %30.

  • Tropical Disturbance 2 (Eastern Atlantic): A non-tropical area of low pressure is expected to form over the far eastern Atlantic during the weekend. This system could gradually gain subtropical characteristics while it moves slowly southward through early next week. Tropical depression formation probability through 5 days is %20.


  • Since 18 November, 1 strong and 6 moderate earthquakes were recorded in the LAC region. Strong earthquake was on 21 November at Constitucion, Chile with magnitude of 6.1. Locations of moderate earthquakes that were ranging in between magnitudes of 5.0 – 5.7 were Mapastepec (Mexico), Tacna / Ovalle / West Chile Rise / Southeast of Easter Island (Chile), Catamarca (Argentina). No damages or injuries were reported, and no tsunami warning were issued.


  • Honduras – Nicaragua Border: Transportation via Las Manos Border crossing point is heavily constrained due to landslides that are blocking the connection roads. Main border crossing – Guasaule is operational without problems.

  • Honduras – Guatemala Border: Both Corinto and El Florido Border Crossing Points are closed due to river flooding caused by Hurricane Iota. Agua Caliente Border Crossing Point is functioning and open for crossing.

  • Honduras – El Salvador Border: El Poy border crossing point is functional but due to damage occurred on the bridge, cargo and heavy transport crossing is restricted.

  • Panama – Costa Rica Border: Following heavy rains affecting Chiriqui region in Panama, landslides and damages on connecting roads was limiting the cross-border cargo transport from Penas Blancas border point. As of 22 November, cargo transit from Penas Blancas was reinitiated.

  • El Salvador: The connection to Guatemalan and Honduran Ports in the Caribbean is heavily constrained due to infrastructure damage and flooding.

  • Honduras: Following Hurricane Iota, connecting roads to principal port of Honduras – Puerto Cortes was blocked but the authorities cleared all local blocked road connections and as of 23 November, port is accessible for local transport. Due to issues in the border crossing points, cross-border connectivity is still a problem.

  • Jamaica: Sources indicate that landslides have been reported on 24 November at northeast of Kingston in Saint Andrew Parish. The Wakefield-Hardwar Gap has been blocked and the Irish Town Road at mile marker 12. Crews have been dispatched to clear the incident and it is unclear when the situation will normalize.

  • Colombia: Media sources indicated on November 23 that heavy rainfall has caused a major landslide in Puerto Valdivia (Antioquia Department) that has left at least seven people dead and nine injured. The Yarumal-Valdivia road has been closed, and work is underway to remove sediment and debris from the route. It is unclear when the road will reopen at this time. Further rainfall is forecast, and subsequent flooding and disruptions are expected to impact the affected area over the coming days.