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Colombia: Emergency Response Rainy Season November 2020 (Coverage term: 11/01/20 - 11/24/2020)

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SENDING DATE: 11/24/2020


Progress of the rainy season situation in Colombia

According to IDEAM, a red alert is presented for high probability of increasing suddens, floods and/or overflows in the hydrographic zone of Atrato-Darién, Caribbean- Litoral, Caribe- Guajira, Alto, Medio and Magdalena, Cauca and Nechí. Level increases in the lower Magdalena hydrographic zone. High levels in the hydrographic area of the Middle Magdalena and Nechí.

Due to high probability of landslides in some municipalities of the departments of Antioquía, Risaralda, Cauca, Chocó, Norte de Santander, Putumayo, Tolima and Valle del Cauca.

There are departments with double affectation (rainy season -- Conflict) such as Chocó (Lower Baudó) where organized armed groups (GAO) are present. Other departments have the possibility of triple affectation by high Covid-19 contagious, heavy rains caused by the winter wave and the presence of GAO as is the case in the departments of Norte de Santander and Antioquia.