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Somalia Climate Update: October 2020 Monthly Rainfall and Vegetation Cover (NDVI) (Issued November 26, 2020)

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October marks the beginning of the (October to December), Deyr rainfall season across most parts of Somalia. In October 2020, some areas in the south (mostly Gedo and Juba regions) received light and intermittent showers while other regions (Shabelles, Hiraan, Bay, Bakool, Central and some parts of Nugaal regions) received moderate showers in terms of intensity, distribution, frequency and geographic coverage.

In northern regions, some areas received light showers while others remained dry (Maps 2–5 and Map 9). Rain gauge stations that recorded over 100mm of rainfall in October include: Burtinle (Nugaal), Hudur (Bakool),
Baidoa and Bardaale (Bay), Buloburti and Mataban (Hiraan) as shown on Map 1 and Table 1.

Vegetation cover, measured through the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), indicated continued deterioration of browsing conditions across most parts of southern Somalia, with the exception of some parts of Bay, Bakool and Hiraan, which improved the vegetation and browsing conditions as a result of signicant rainfall received in parts of these regions (Map 6 – 8 and map 10). Rainfall in these regions also helped replenish water catchments. As a result, these regions have experienced decline in water prices and a reduction in the use of water trucking.
Available dry pasture

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