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Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 04 - 17 November 2020

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Central African Republic

08 November 2020: In Batangafo town, Ouham prefecture, anti-Balaka militants reportedly broke into the home of an INGO national aid worker and attempted to kidnap him. The aid worker was stabbed in the hand and was treated at a local hospital. Source: AWSD1

Democratic Republic of the Congo

03 November 2020: In Abonyonyi village, Fizi territory, South Kivu province, three INGO aid workers were kidnapped by armed men during an ambush. Their vehicle was left behind and the aid workers were reportedly freed on 13 November. Sources: Actualité I, Actualité II, Kivu Security, La Prunelle and Radio Okapi Ethiopia

09 November 2020: In the Dansha area, Tigray region, three Ethiopian Red Cross Society marked ambulances were fired at by armed men amid active armed conflict between the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF). No casualties were reported. Sources: Addis Standard

12 November 2020: In Tigray region, in the midst of a conflict between the federal military and the regional ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front, movement restrictions, lack of fuel, and a government-imposed digital and telecommunications blackout have prevented aid groups from conducting needs assessments and the delivery of food, health and other emergency supplies. Restocking warehouses with humanitarian supplies in these conditions is reportedly impossible. Furthermore, hundreds of international aid workers have reportedly left Tigray for security reasons. Sources: Al Jazeera, ECHO, Malay Mail, OCHA and The Guardian


03 November 2020: In Kidal region, anti-France demonstrators torched a guard post of the MINUSMA base. Source: MENASTREAM

06 November 2020: On the Niger river near Kouakourou village, Kewa commune, Mpoti region, two Malian aid workers were kidnapped by suspected extremist militants while travelling by boat. Their whereabouts are currently unknown. Source: AWSD

As reported on 11 November 2020: In Farabougou and Kourama Koube villages, Segou region, the Malian and Barkhane Armed Forces carried out food and medical airdrops. These interventions reportedly render access for humanitarian actors more complex and potentially risky. Source: ECHO