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Evaluation of the Sida-supported Education Program for Results (EPforR) 2014–2021, Tanzania

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The current report presents a joint evaluation by Sida and the Government of Tanzania of the Education Program for Results (EPforR) 2014–2021, Tanzania. EPforR is supported by Sida, Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank (with the Global Partnership for Education and Korean International Cooperation Agency joining more recently). The overall objective of the EPforR is ‘to improve education quality in Tanzanian primary and secondary schools’. To achieve this objective, and following the Program for Results mechanism, EPforR has a range of Disbursement-Linked Results (DLRs), measured by a small number of Disbursement-Linked Indicators (DLIs) for each DLR. Funds are disbursed annually based on the successful delivery of agreed results, which funds may then be used by Government for anything within the education sector. Given that it is essentially incentivises Government to implement its own basic education policies and priorities, the support provided is adjudged as highly relevant to the needs in basic education in Tanzania. Although results vary across the DLRs, EPforR has generally been very effective, with aggregate annual performance ranging from a low of 69% in Year 1 to highs of 84% in Years 2 and 5. Focusing as it does on institutional development (with some individual capacity development for key Government staff), the programme has achieved a high level of sustainability of results, although the report notes that some results may not be sustainable without additional technical and financial support. Since Sida will soon begin a process to formulate future support to basic education in Tanzania, the report also includes recommendations for consideration by those formulating the new support.