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Afghanistan Partnership Framework

Govt. Afghanistan
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I. Preamble

The Partners, the Government of Afghanistan and the International Community, commit to continued efforts towards a peaceful, prosperous and self-reliant Afghanistan. This Partnership is based on the principles included in the Afghanistan Partnership Framework (APF), agreed at the 2020 Afghanistan Conference on 23-24 November 2020.
Shared principles of partnership are an essential element for building trust. Both the Government of Afghanistan and its international partners have learned much about how to improve the effectiveness of their relationship. The prospect of peace offers a transformational opportunity for the people of Afghanistan and its partners, but it also poses new challenges that must be overcome for peace to succeed. The Government and its international partners must preserve and build upon the achievements of the past nineteen years, including critical gains that have been made in education, freedom and opportunity for Afghan women and girls.

Acknowledging significant progress in Afghanistan since 2001, and the principle of partnership as an essential element for building trust and to delivering effective support, the purpose of the APF is to preserve and build upon these achievements, consolidate the Partnership and set out the responsibilities for the international partners and the Government in a clear and transparent way.

In support of Afghanistan’s goal of self-reliance, the objective of the APF is to advance the country along its path to self-reliance by institutionalizing and operationalizing a set of foundational Principles that underpin a peaceful and democratic society, and that drive inclusive growth. The aim of the APF is to set out clear expectations and to guide high-level policy dialogue on progress against the Principles and towards achieving the outcomes and actions that support peace and development, reduce poverty and improve the welfare of the people of Afghanistan.

The principles outlined in the APF represent core values of the international community, including the international conventions to which Afghanistan is a signatory. The Principles set out the conditions that are necessary for continued international support to the Government.

These represent a baseline against which Government presents the progress of its policy agenda and international partners consider their overall levels of support, in an understanding of mutual partnership. The Principles also present high-level development goals as the necessary basis for international support. These are aligned with Afghanistan’s overarching national policy frameworks, notably the Afghan Constitution, the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework II (ANPDF II) and the National Priority Programmes (NPPs). These frameworks will guide development interventions and the reform activities of the Government and the international partners for the period 2021-2024 in the pursuit of increased self-reliance by the end of the Transformation Decade in 2024.

In the Partnership, the Government of Afghanistan will be responsible for all planning, execution and results, and doing so by adhering to the international agreements, expectations and norms set out in the principles below. The international partners commit to supporting the Government’s efforts within committed resources and following principles of aid-effectiveness.

Accompanying, but separate from, the Principles laid out in this framework are a set of outcomes and jointly agreed priority actions. These are aligned with the pillars of the ANPDF II – peace-building, state-building and market-building. These provide an additional and more specific framework for assessing progress and guiding policy dialogue. Their purpose is to support the successful implementation of the Government’s development agenda and to bring the promise of Afghanistan’s “Transformation Decade” to fruition by 2024. The specific actions outlined in sections II-IV below recognise that the Government must operate within a highly challenging environment. They are to be revised only if there are major changes in the political or operating context. Specific annual targets are to be agreed for the subsequent year as determined in the Joint Review Process outlined in section V.

The APF Principles in this Preamble are intended to frame high-level annual dialogue on progress on development in Afghanistan. They articulate the minimum criteria for international support. The APF actions in chapters II-IV are specific and tangible joint priority measures to be taken by the Government in support of its development agenda and the Principles, and may be incentivized by individual international partners through reform-based programmes.
Recognizing the volatile nature of the current environment, the review process described in Section V provides the mechanisms for adjustment. Whilst targets for 2021 are agreed at the 2020 Afghanistan Conference in November 2020, targets for 2022 and beyond remain indicative. The regular annual reviews will provide the possibility for further confirmation, or adaptation if needed, of actions and targets for subsequent years. The full process for the joint review also feeds into individual decisions by international partners regarding the renewal, level and modality of their continued support. If there are clear concerns with adherence to the Principles, international partners may reconsider their support at any point.