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Northeast Nigeria - Camp Management Bi-weekly Tracker Report, Report No. 25 | 01 - 15 November 2020

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Key Highlights

The first phase of the reporting period of 15th – 11- 2020, saw a spike of recorded influx from Nganzai LGA,
Magumeri, Mafa and Konduga resulng in self-settlements and informal camps in MMC and Jere. Priority highlighted needs are Non-food items, Shelter kits and Food. The initial secondary displacement from Muna da’alti due to insecurity two months ago have shown continued interest within the reporting and returning to their camp (Muna Da’alti) also commenced. This new developed interest of returns is due to improvement of the security situation in the location. However, the need for shelter kits to aid the rehabilitation of their abandoned shelters remains.
The sector, its partners, and government authorities continue to work together towards a coordinated approach of ensuring vulnerable displaced populations in need of improved Shelter solutions, benefitied from the responses with the aim of improving the physical protection and dignity of these population. Planned responses are under way for new influx in Magumeri and technical support will as well be provided to displaced persons to construct their own shelter

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