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Mozambique: Shelter Cluster Strategy 2021

Shelter Cluster
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Shelter Cluster overview

  • Shelter Cluster composition:
    12 partners (2 UN Agencies, 8 INGOs and 2 NNGOs)

  • Biweekly General Cluster meetings (including other Clusters, donors and Government counterparts)

  • Biweekly Operational/Technical Cluster meetings (internal for partners)

  • Shelter Technical Working Group activated
    Definition of different designs and strategies.

  • NFIs Technical Working Group activated
    Definition of the content of NFIs kits.

Needs Overview

  • More than 90% of IDPs are hosted by family and friends, whose living conditions are very precarious as most of their shelter needs have not been met yet (residual needs from Kenneth). The other 10% of IDPs are staying in temporary sites established in schools where they are totally overcrowded.

  • The lack of access to safe shelter for IDPs is causing overcrowding in both host communities and temporary sites, contributing to health and protection risks specially for women and children.

  • Massive shelter construction needs for relocation sites (+ recovery still ongoing) – materials and technical support/training/guidance + labour for most vulnerable HHs.

  • Lack of pipeline for construction materials implies uncontrolled harvest of wooden poles and bamboo and subsequent environmental impact.

  • IDPs in hard to reach areas or on the move in need of immediate ES/NFI assistance