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Myanmar: UNHCR Coronavirus Response - November 2020

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MYANMAR | COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 global health crisis has placed the forcibly displaced and stateless populations at greater risk as the pandemic prolongs. This crisis is a reminder that to effectively combat any public health emergency, fair and equal access to health facilities and services is needed. To that effect, through the Global GHRP for COVID-19, UNHCR appealed for US $9.4 million and mobilized $4.2 million to ensure a strong contribution to Myanmar’s COVID-19 national response and the inclusion of persons of concern.

To better respond to the unprecedented challenge, UNHCR declared COVID-19 a Level 2 Emergency globally as per its internal policy on 25 March, activating emergency procurement procedures, simplified partner selection processes and giving country teams maximum flexibility in providing assistance.

In country, UNHCR has redoubled efforts to support the Government of Myanmar to respond to the crisis, and activities have focused on continuing, adapting and increasing delivery of protection and assistance and ensuring access to essential services for persons of concern. UNHCR’s COVID-19 response complements the work of other UN agencies, including the World Health Organisation. Operating across the North East, South East and Rakhine State, UNHCR has over 170 committed staff members, the majority of whom are in the field close to people in need.