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Reporting sexual violence by state bodies or conflict actors and affecting IDPs and refugees - October 2020

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This monthly document summarises publicly reported cases of sexual violence by law enforcement bodies, conflict related sexual violence, and sexual violence that targets IDPs / refugees or vulnerable beneficiaries.

Around 09 October 2020: In Kivoga hill, Gitaba area, Rutana province, an Imbonerakure raped four young girls, some of whom were students. He was later arrested by police forces in Rutana. Source: Radio Publique Africaine

Democratic Republic of the Congo
04 October 2020: In Rutshuru town and territory, North Kivu province, unidentified armed men raided the town, in the process kidnapping and raping a woman. They demanded a ransom of $10,000 for the woman's release. Source: Kivu Security Tracker

06 October 2020: In Luwowoshi suburb, Lubumbashi city, HautKatanga province, a group of unidentified men dressed in blue uniforms broke into various homes and raped at least four girls. They also shot and killed a university student. Source: Radio Okapi

26 October 2020: In Cabo Delgado, the CIP (Center for Public Integrity) released a report denouncing the sexual abuse of displaced women in exchange for humanitarian aid in the north of the country. In the report, the NGO accused the government and the United Nations of complicity due to their silence in the matter. Source: Club of Mozambique

South Sudan
03 October 2020: In Kuajok city, Warrap state, a 16-year-old girl was shot and then raped by an unknown gunman. Source: Radio Tamazuj 08 October 2020: In Yei city, Yei county, Central Equatoria State, 24 SSPDF soldiers were arrested and convicted of committing crimes of sexual violence between 2019 and 2020. They were charged with rape, looting, killing, and selling of weapons. Source: EyeRadio Around 14 October 2020: In Hiyalla village, Torit county, Eastern Equatoria state, three gunmen from Haforiere village abducted two women, raping one of them. They also stole 172 goats, 14 of which were recovered. One perpetrator has been arrested. Source: Radio Tamazuj

25 October 2020: In Maridi town and county, Western Equatoria State, two police officers were arrested for raping two girls, aged 14 and 15, who were being held at Maridi police station. The two girls were given medical treatment at Maridi Hospital. Source: Radio Tamazuj

Sudan As reported on 22 October 2020: In Khartoum, two former female staff members of Catholic Relief Services reported two separate incidents of sexual harassment by an expatriate CRS staffer, who was their supervisor. They attempted to file a report with their boss. One of the