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Multi-Sectoral Rapid Humanitarian Needs Assessment, Al-Jabeen and Al-Jaafria Districts | Rayma Governorate, September 2020 [EN/AR]

Progress for development
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Context and background of the assessment:

Many villages in the districts of Al-Jabain and Al-Ja`faria in the governorate of Rayma have been subjected to torrential rains, which have led to the demolition of public housing and the flow of torrential torrents and rockfall, resulting in heavy human and material losses.

Progress Organization for Development monitored in the first days of the disaster the preliminary statistics of human and material damage in the affected areas, as the preliminary statistics indicated that the number of deaths rose to 29 people, more than 15 people were injured, two people were missing, and more than 300 people were forced to flee their homes. To escape death. While more than 6000 people have become trapped and threatened with death in the isolation of Badj and Bani Khattab in the Al-Jibeen District, and the Bani Ahmed isolation in the Al-Jaafariya District - Rima Governorate, due to the complete disruption of the car and pedestrian roads linking the affected areas, the market and other areas, which were swept away or buried as a result of rockfall. Dwellings were also destroyed on the heads of their human and livestock inhabitants, as 11 houses were completely destroyed, and more than 350 houses were partially damaged, and about 50% of the agricultural terraces were either swept away by torrents or buried by rockfall, on which most of the population relied, and more than 30 sources of drinking water are buried, and more than 70 reservoirs or water barriers have been destroyed or damaged, most of them for human use, and more than 1500 people live in a state of panic for fear that their homes are also in the path of torrents or rockslides, or for fear of a collapse on their heads.