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Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Crisis Response Plan 2020

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Funding Required $27,462,885

People In Need 7,000,000

Target Beneficiaries 178,000

IOM Vision

IOM aims at scaling up the provision of an effective emergency and protection assistance to the people in need in Venezuela complementing the actions of other UN agencies and nongovernmental organizations. In order to meet the evolving needs of vulnerable people on the move and the communities, IOM seeks to expand its operational capacity in new areas in the country and broaden its crisis interventions through improving access to basic services, building resilience, provision of livelihood assistance, and mitigating and preventing protection risks.

Context Analysis

Venezuela is facing a humanitarian crisis, driven by ongoing political instability, a deteriorating socioeconomic situation and growing insecurity and violence. As of December 2020, more than 4.8 million people had left the country, seeking humanitarian assistance, protection and access to basic services and job opportunities abroad, with over 3.7 million in the region alone.
According to the HNO 2019, it is estimated that more than 7 million people are in need of some form of humanitarian assistance within Venezuela, a number that is expected to highly increase in 2020. Almost all Venezuelans are affected by extraordinary hyperinflation and a collapse of real salaries, shortages of food and medicines, lack of education and health services, and deterioration of basic infrastructures including water, electricity and public transportation. Drastic reductions in production capacities in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and other sectors have further aggravated the limited availability of basic goods and supplies, in addition to constant power cuts. There is also a significant internal movement towards border areas to access services and basic items from neighbouring countries. It is estimated that more than 3 million people are making pendular movements between Colombia and Venezuela in 2020.

Please also see IOM's Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela 2020 for more information.

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