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Polio this week as of 04 November 2020

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  • The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for polio eradication will host its 19thmeeting via video conference from 17 – 19 November 2020 to discuss overall situation report; ongoing COVID-19 impact, outbreaks and vaccine deployment among other issues. In preparation for the meeting, we have made the necessary meeting documents available here.

  • Fahima Ahmed Hassan is a 25-year-old community mobilizer who goes the extra mile to ensure parents of children under the age of five are well informed of the polio vaccination campaign and ready to vaccinate their children in Somalia. Take a look at this photo essay showing Fahima and other mobilisers lay the groundwork for vaccinators.

Summary of new WPV and cVDPV viruses this week (AFP cases and ES positives):

  • Afghanistan: 20 cVDPV2 cases

  • Pakistan: one WPV1 case and one WPV1 positive environmental sample

  • Burkina Faso: three cVDPV2 cases

  • Cameroon: one cVDPV2 positive environmental sample

  • Central African Republic: one cVDPV2 case

  • Chad: two cVDPV2 cases

  • Congo: one cVDPV2 case

  • Côte d’Ivoire: one cVDPV2 case

  • Somalia: one cVDPV2 positive environmental sample

  • South Sudan: three cVDPV2 cases