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UN Women Nepal COVID-19 Response Strategy: Blazing Trails in the Humanitarian-Development Continuum - October 2020

UN Women
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The corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic swept the world with an unprecedented humanitarian challenge that no country could ever anticipate. When disaster strikes, people are normally presented with an option to grab everything and run away from the epicenter of risk. In this pandemic, however, there is nowhere to run and the only option is to self-protect, learn, embrace resilience and deal with it.

UN Women Nepal had faced many disasters during the past five years. Although it went through a moment of shock and confusion over the enormity of the COVID-19 crisis, UN Women immediately jumped into action - scanned the situation, heeded all precautionary measures from the World Health Organization and the Government of Nepal, and, through joint United Nations (UN) missions, reached out to hear the experiences and analysis of the very people who were caught at the maelstrom of the crisis. Backed by over five years of experience in leading the mainstreaming of gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in all phases of disaster risk reduction, prevention and response, and in collaboration with government, civil society, UN agencies and development partners, UN Women put together its own COVID-19 Response Strategy for Nepal.