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Reporting sexual violence by state bodies or conflict actors and affecting IDPs and refugees - September 2020

DR Congo
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Around 09 September 2020: In Walu village, Irumu territory, Ituri province, at least four IDP women over the age of 50 were raped by armed militiamen while working in the fields. Source: Radio Okapi

11 September 2020: In Kisenso district, Kinshasa city, 14 men armed with blades raped at least two nurses and an unknown number of patients after breaking into Revolution Health and Maternity Centre. They stole money and blood stocks and robbed several patients. Source: Election-Net

11 September 2020: In Gbado village, Walikale territory, North Kivu province, during an attack on the village Mai-Mai Kifuafua Delphin Mbaenda raped 11 women, wounded five men, set fire to houses, and stole goods. Source: Kivu Security

12 September 2020: In Isigi village, Lubero territory, North Kivu province, armed combatants from the National Lumumbist Resistance (RNL) raped two women during an incursion in the village. They then abducted a businessman who was attempting to resist the attack as well as stealing farm animals and other goods. Source: Radio Okapi

13 September 2020: In Walu village, Irumu territory, Ituri province, an IDP woman who was at least 50 years old was raped by five armed militiamen while she was working in the fields. Source: Radio Okapi

13 September 2020: In Kikarara village, Beni territory, North Kivu province, armed men raped and killed a 23-year-old woman. Source: Kivu Security

14 September 2020: In Kananga, Kananga territory, Kasai-Central province, armed men raped an 11-year-old girl after breaking into her home. Source: ACLED1

15 September 2020: In Masisi town and territory, North Kivu province, unidentified men abducted, raped then killed a 13-year-old girl. Source Kivu Security

23 September 2020: In Cakira village, Fizi territory, South Kivu province, suspected Ngumino militiamen raped, shot and injured three IDP women. Source: ACLED1


29 September 2020: Near Monzonga village, Ansongo cercle, Gao region, gunmen on motorcycles gagged, beat and attempted to rape five women in a forest. Source: Studio Tamani