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Linha Verde da Resposta á Emergência (Report period; 16th May – 15th June 2020)

UNCT Mozambique
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The tollfree inter-agency hotline accessible between 6am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Linha Verde 1458 is used by the affected population and humanitarian actors to make requests for information, assistance or raise concerns in relation to, or resulting from humanitarian assistance. An aspect of accountability for affected populations, the hotline also serves as a mechanism to report abuses in humanitarian assistance. In the context of Covid-19, Linha Verde 1458 has the capacity and flexibility to assist in the dissemination of correct information about the virus and to forward relevant calls to health service providers.


  • Until 15 th of June 2020 Linha Verde 1458 received a total of 13 653 cases with a feedback rate of 85 During this year, since January 2020 more than 5 300 cases have been registered.

  • During this month (mid May to mid June), the majority of the calls continue to come from Sofala, representing 56 of the total cases, followed by Manica with 9 and Cabo Delgado and Zambezia with 8 each The number of calls has also increased where there is no humanitarian intervention as in the district of Niassa, for example.

  • During the past 2 months, most calls related to Health/Covid 19 which accounted for 73 of the total registered cases with Food Security representing 20 5 of the cases However, there was also an increase in cases related to Shelter, mainly in relation to internally displaced families in the north of the country, which also indicates needs for protective interventions and psychosocial support.

  • Calls requesting information are still prevalent mainly due to the context of Covid 19 in the country A monthly summary of the calls on Covid 19 is presented in the second section of the document, which also includes reference to the sectors relevant to concerns about Covid 19.