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Returns and Durable Solutions Assessment (ReDS): Al-Qairawan – Sinjar, Ninewa

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ReDS background

In light of recent movement trends related to returns, displacement and/or secondary displacement, there is a need for more immediate and in-depth profiling of affected areas to understand the needs and community interrelations between remainee, host, returnee, and/or IDP populations.

The assessment aimed to provide rapid evidence-based overview of the assessed areas to support humanitarian and development actors to promote durable solutions for returnees and IDPs in situations of protracted displacement on multiple levels at the local and national level.

ReDS objectives

ReDS Specific Objectives

  • Provide an understanding about the effects of recent movement trends;

  • Assess perceived intentions to move among all relevant communities to identify potential risk of further instability;

  • Assess how conditions in areas affected by recent movements may impact the sustainability of durable solutions;

  • Identify any consequent shift in local social dynamics and power structures;

  • Explore conditions in the area in terms of community needs and inter-relations; and the viability of safe and dignified (re)integration.