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Chad: Emergency Tracking Tool, Profiles of Individuals Affected by Floods in N'djamena, Report #1, 19 October 2020

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The objective of DTM’s (Displacement Tracking Matrix) Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) is to collect information on large and sudden population movements. Following floods which have been ongoing since the end of July 2020 in N’Djamena, more than 5,000 households were forced to flee their homes. They took refuge either elsewhere in their arrondissement, or in neighbouring arrondissements. In order to host the households who were left without shelter,
Chadian authorities and the humanitarian community identified the Tradex site, located in the 9th arrondissement, where 98 households (562 individuals) are currently settled.


The data presented in this report was collected through the registration of households, conducted on 12 October 2020 by IOM staff and the local authorities of the 9th arrondissement, in order to facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance. This registration exercise covered all the households settled on the Tradex site. This report aims to provide information on the demographic profiles of these displaced persons, as well as an overview of their needs. The results presented here only reflect the situation of the individuals displaced on the Tradex site, and they cannot be generalized to the entire population displaced following floods in N’Djamena. Moreover, this report does not aim to carry out an in-depth assessment of sectoral needs on the site.


The majority of the individuals housed on the Tradex site (55%) are female. Most of them (64%) are minors: 35 per cent are girls and 29 per cent are boys. Children aged 5 years old or younger alone account for 20 per cent of the displaced population identified on the site. On average, the 98 registered households are composed of six persons. Furthermore, 23 per cent of the households are single-parent families.

Among the household heads, more than three-quarters are male (76%) and 83 per cent are aged between 26 and 59 years old.

During data collection, a number of vulnerabilities were identified among the individuals housed on the Tradex site. Seven per cent reported suffering from a chronic or serious illness, 4 per cent are breastfeeding women, 2 per cent are children separated from their parents and 2 per cent are pregnant women. In addition, a significant share of the registered households indicated that some of their members are facing hearing or vision problems, have difficulty walking, or take medication (6% each).

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