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Devastating floods destroy large parts of Central Viet Nam

Viet Nam
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Over the last 10 days parts of Central Viet nam have received unprecedented rains that, combined with two powerful tropical storms - Linfa and Nangka - have led to severe flooding; displacing over 121,000 people, killing at least 124 people and destroying over 100,000 hectares of farmland. Water levels in some areas have reached the highest in over two decades.

"I have never ever witnessed such an extreme flood. The water level increased too fast. We have lost everything," said Mai Thi Dinh.

She and her family had been living in Con Se village, Quang Loc commune, Ba Don town, Quang Binh province. She and her family lost everything to the unforgiving flood waters.

CARE staff and partners on the ground report that many areas remain isolated with people unable to receive support for days due to damaged highways and roads.

"With such devastation and damage, we are particularly worried about the increased risk of waterborne disease due to the lack of clean water available and the dangers of stagnant water" said Tran Manh Hung, CARE Viet Nam Emergency Coordinator, "women, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable in the current temporary evacuation shelters, where there is little privacy and basic hygiene items, especially for women, are missing."

CARE, through its local partners, is carrying out assessments in Quang Tri in order to provide lifesaving assistance to some 35,000 people with basic relief items, emergency shelter, livelihoods support and water, sanitation and hygiene support to provide clean water and stop the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks in the aftermath of the floods.

CARE staff on the ground are available for interview on the situation.