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Sudan: cVDPV2 Outbreak Response Situation Report No. 4 (Last Updated: 20 October 2020)

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Situation overview

  • In total, 39 cases across 13 states have been confirmed in Sudan since the beginning of the outbreak. Three L20B positive cases are currently pending confirmation from the regional reference laboratory.

  • The cases have onset of paralysis between 7 March 2020 and 3 September 2020.

  • A total of eight environmental samples positive for cVDPV2 have been confirmed so far, all from Khartoum state with most recent collection on 9 August 2020.

  • In light of ongoing budget discussions to fill the funding gap for the outbreak response, the first vaccination round in Sudan has been delayed. The new date proposed for the start of the round is 9 November 2020.

Campaign financing

  • Urgent discussions are continuing between the Federal Ministry of Health, and all levels of UNICEF and WHO, to fill the funding gap for the outbreak response.

Immunization activities

  • The first round of vaccination as part of the outbreak response in Sudan has been delayed until November (date to be determined). . The current plan is to vaccinate 8.6 million children under five twice in all 18 states of the country, using mOPV2 vaccine.

  • The polio programme is adapting preparedness activity timelines for the first vaccination round, in light of the delay.

  • On 20 October, a delivery of PPE was received for use during the campaign. Protective face masks are already being stored in a UNICEF warehouse in Sudan for use by vaccinators.

  • Cascade training to pass on knowledge about polio and the benefits of vaccination is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

  • The Sudan focal point from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office has arrived in country to support budget finalisation and campaign preparations.