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COVID-19 emergency response - Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Situation Report #14 - 22 October 2020

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World Vision
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Situation Overview

COVID-19 Cases: 799,602

COVID-19 Deaths: 20,378

There has been a sharp increase in cases both in Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern countries; states that had seemingly controlled infections are once again on high alert (Jordan, Georgia, and Israel). Most of the governments in the region are prioritising economic recovery over strict containment measures, except for few states with contentious policies that continue to abuse the pretext of coronavirus restrictions to shut down dissent.
COVID-19 case increases in Northwest Syria have reached alarming levels - almost 100 new cases are being reported every single day as 2.7 million people remain displaced in the area.
Unless the already weakened health system receives immediate international support, the situation will dramatically worsen.
Secondary impacts of the virus also continues to increase across all of the three countries where World Vision Syria operates - Jordan, Turkey and Syria. In these countries, host communities and refugees are struggling to make ends meet, while children are most affected by rising levels of begging, child marriage, abuse and other negative coping mechanisms In Lebanon, soaring unemployment rates and salary cuts, increased poverty rates among local populations and refugees are adding to an already critical situation regarding the growth in COVID 19 cases and access to treatment. According to the World Bank, one million people in Lebanon are living below the poverty line. The price of a monthly food has more than doubled over the past six months.