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Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) Monthly Bulletin, September 2020

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WASH Program:

  • Hygiene Promotion training for 30 CHVs ,Al Udayn district - Ibb Governorate
  • Comprehensive cleaning campaign, Al Udayn district - Ibb Governorate.

Health and Nutrition Program:

  • IMCI training for 15 health workers, Amran governorate.
  • Providing targeted health facilities with equipment and interagency emergency health kits (IEHKs), in Kharif and Raydah districts Amran governorate.
  • Discussion interview on nutrition intervention, Yemen times radio, Sana’a governorate.

Shelter Program:

  • ESKs & NFIs were distributed for 246 flood affected families , Ibb and Ash Shier districts - Ibb Governorate.
  • A market assessment has been conducted to identify the appropriate exchange company for transferring the first round of rental subsidies for 500 IDPs, Al Udayn, Mudhikhera and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate.

FSL Program:

  • Strengthening the resilience and participation at local level in Yemen.

Protection Program:

  • Protection Standards in Shelter and Wash project in Al Udayn and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate.
  • Distributing hygiene kits and conducting awareness sessions to Al Muhamashin in Ibb district, Ibb Governorate.
  • Gender Network.