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UNSMIL welcomes arrest as a major step towards accountability, rule of law and dismantling criminal networks

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Tripoli, 15 October - UNSMIL welcomes yesterday’s arrest of Abd Al-Rahman Milad, commonly known as ‘al-Bija’ by GNA law enforcement agencies. Mr Milad has been on the UN Security Council’s Sanctions Committee list since June 2018 for his involvement in human trafficking and fuel smuggling. He was also subject to a special bulletin of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) and an arrest warrant issued in April 2019 by the Tripoli Public Prosecution Office on charges of human trafficking and fuel smuggling.

Such arrests constitute an important step towards ensuring justice for thousands of vulnerable people, Libyans and migrants alike, and promoting respect for human rights in Libya.

UNSMIL stresses the imperative for a fair, transparent and speedy trial for Mr Milad and all individuals currently held in pre-trial detention. UNSMIL is committed to continued partnership with Libyan competent authorities to ensure due process and the supremacy of the rule of law.