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WFP Latin America & Caribbean Region COVID-19 Logistics Situation Update #12 | 7 October 2020

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Hurricane Season (Source: National Hurricane Center)


Tropical Storm Gamma: Gamma was a near hurricane-strength tropical storm that brought heavy rains, floods and landslides to Honduras and Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. After making landfall near Tulum on 3 October, it weakened over land and finally it degenerated into a remnant low on 6 October.
Major Hurricane Delta (CAT 4): Delta rapidly intensified from CAT 1 Hurricane to CAT 4 Major Hurricane on 6 October. Prior to making landfall close to Cancun in Yucatan Peninsula, it weakened to a CAT 2 hurricane, currently it is located over southern Gulf of Mexico and it is on a north-westward trajectory with 24 km/h ground speed. Current maximum windspeed is reaching 167 km/h and forecast indicates further strengthening before making landfall at Lake Charles, Louisiana on 9 October. The storm left Mexico with no major damage and no known deaths. 39,000 people were evacuated before the storm and 266,000 people were left without electricity. Extremely strong storm surge and hurricane conditions are expected for Louisiana which is still trying to recover from Hurricane Laura.