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ICVA 2030: A collaborative future for principled and effective humanitarian action: Strategy development document, January 2020

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1. Introduction

The purpose of this document to is to create working reference for the ICVA 2030 strategy concisely documenting the key data informing decisions made as the strategy is developed. The aim is to have a single reference document for people to easily find key information; it is not the draft strategy itself. That document will only be developed after further consultation with members and other stakeholders

ICVA currently has a strategy agreed that will run until end of 2021 and so the intention with the 2030 process is to take our time and ensure deep member participation towards our collective future, seeking agreement on the final proposal at the ICVA General Assembly on 27th April 2021.

In order to systematically build our view of the future we will be asking the following questions:

  • Who is ICVA today and what value does it add?

  • What does this mean for ICVA's 2030 vision mission & focus?

  • How is the external environment evolving?

  • What does this mean for how ICVA is composed and how it works?

Through this process (see annex 1 for details) we are hoping that the journey and not just the final output will bring the membership closer together through enabling:

  • MEMBERS’ ENGAGEMENT: ICVA members engage at several levels in defining ICVA’s long term perspective (not only the NGO’s focal point for ICVA Secretariat).

  • LEARNING: Collective learning around ICVA’s diversity through a greater understanding is created by having to listen and try and understand the position of others.

  • CONNECTIVENESS: Improved internal and external connectiveness in a complex environment sets ICVA’s ambitions and way forward including the diversity of perspective and opinion.

  • INNOVATIVE STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Engaging with other stakeholders in a way which is perceived as innovative and constructive.