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DTM (COVID-19) Global Mobility Restriction Overview - 5 October 2020

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As the global number of COVID-19 cases touches 35 million with over one million deaths (34,804,348 confirmed cases and 1,030,738 deaths) epidemiological considerations continue to limit global mobility. As of 5th October 2020, a total of 219 countries, territories or areas have issued 96,549 travel restrictions indicating an increase of 4 cent from 93,011 travel restrictions reported on 28th September 2020. There has been an increase of 10 per cent in other restrictions such as new documents needed for travel and an increase of 8 per cent in medical requirements. There has been a simultaneous decrease of 5 per cent in restrictions on passengers arriving from specific countries, territories or areas. In parallel to existing travel restrictions, a total of 176 countries, territories or areas have issued 777 exceptions enabling mobility despite blanket travel restrictions. Between 28th September and 5th October 2020, 13 countries, territories or areas issued 27 new exceptions whilst 4 countries, territories or areas removed 7 exceptions.

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