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MV Wakashio: Solidarity Grant of Rs 10,200 to those affected by the oil spill

Île Maurice
Govt. Mauritius
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GIS – 01 September 2020: A Solidarity Grant of Rs 10,200 is being paid, as from August 2020, to fishers, fishmongers and Pleasure Craft Licensees/Operators/Workers. This monthly grant aims to compensate for the stoppage of sea activities in the affected regions as a result of the oil spill following the wreck of MV Wakashio.

The solidarity grant’s amount is over and above the payment of the following: daily rate of Rs 800 for the cleaning of beaches and lagoons; allowance under the Wage Assistance Scheme; allowance under the Self-Employed Assistance Scheme; and bad weather allowance to fishers.

Both the Wage Assistance Scheme and Self-Employed Assistance Scheme will be payable to tourism operators until the borders are opened.

The allowances being offered to different categories of affected persons include: Solidarity Grant plus Bad Weather Allowance of Rs 425 daily where applicable for fishers; Solidarity Grant of Rs 10,200 for fishmongers; Rs 15,300 (Solidarity Grant and Self-Employed Assistance Scheme of Rs 5,100) for self-employed persons in Pleasure Craft; and Rs 20,400 (Solidarity Grant and Wage Assistance Scheme of Rs 10,200) for workers in Pleasure Craft.