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CartONG commits to accompany aid actors during the Covid-19 pandemic by supporting adaptations in data practices

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As a H2H (humanitarians to humanitarians) organization, specialized in Information Management, CartONG has been supporting the humanitarian and development sectors these past few months in adapting their data management practices to physical distancing constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To increase its reach and with the support of the H2H Funds and the French Development Agency, CartONG has recently set up the Information Management (IM) Covid-19 Help Center to provide pro bono remote support to NGOs until mid-January 2021.

The intention behind such an initiative is to help aid organizations adapt their Information Management and Monitoring & Evaluation activities to the crisis to facilitate the implementation of their projects as long as the Covid-19 pandemic will be active.

In concrete terms, CartONG is committed to supporting NGOs by providing:

  1. Remote support: coaching sessions, answering questions (hotline operating via emails) and webinars
  2. Accessible guidance: technical briefs, tutorials, tech watch findings, case studies & lessons learned
  3. Which cover the following topics: quantitative and qualitative data collections, data visualization & analysis, responsible data management & data ethics, Monitoring & Evaluation and accountability

Find more information about this initiative here: **https://cartong.org/cartong-im-covid-19-help-center**

The resources produced in support of the sector will be made available on CartONG’s blog: https://blog.cartong.org/

Please feel free to contact us for any further information, questions, or requests at the following email address: CovidIMproject (at) cartong.org