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Iranian Red Crescent Responds to Earthquake in North

Iranian Red Crescent
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A 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck Ramian County, at 2:4 a.m (local ‎time) on Monday, September 7, at the depth of 9 km underground, ‎leaving more than 30 injured who had tried to flee the ‎quake. No damage ‎or deaths were reported.‎

Following the quake, the Iranian Red Crescent dispatched 16 operational teams to Qorchai, Elhadi and Viro villages which were affected by the Earthquake in the ‎morning.‎

Red Crescent ambulances transported 10 injured people to the nearby medical ‎centres. Furthermore, tents, 72-hours food parcels, blankets and other ‎relief items have been distributed among the affected families.‎

Ten relief teams of the Red Crescent are on alert in the affected regions.‎

Dozens of houses, mostly made of mud and straw, in rural areas were damaged by 30 to 40 percent.

Red Crescent has also provided emergency shelter for 30 people in Qorchai village, according to the Releif and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent.