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NEMO Advisory #11A: “All Clear” for the entire country (Thursday, 3rd September, 2020 as at 9:00am)

Govt. Belize
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The National Meteorological Services of Belize and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) advise that flooding and landslides are still possible. The "ALL CLEAR", is signaled by one green flag. This means that the hurricane is no longer over Belize but the damages on the ground are not yet known. There are no reports of causalities and or major injuries. The extent of damages and losses at this time is not known. The "All Clear" has been issued for the entire country. All NEMO Command Centres are stood down at 9:00am except for districts which are impacted.

The Ministry of Works (MOW), Ministry of Health (MOH), BDF, Police, and the utility companies have authority to deploy throughout the country to commence addressing areas of concern. Debris from a Hurricane is very dangerous, all advised to take extreme caution. It is not recommended to walk through areas affected without it first being cleared by the Ministry of Works or the town council. Road clearance is a priority. Search and Rescue and Damage Assessment operations are being planned as required.

Ms. Hendy, the National Liaison Officer for the NEMO National Assessment Committee is organizing the initial assessment. A meeting will be held in the impact zone prior to the detail assessment under the direction of Ms. Hendy and the Southern Regional Coordinator for NEMO. All assessments must be done through and with NEMO present for it to be honored and validated. A flyover will be done with BDF defenders as well as ground assessments. The initial report for low impact cyclones is due within 24 hours after the "All Clear". Initial reports suggest that Stann Creek District is more affected than Toledo. Buildings, crops and infrastructure received varying degrees of damage. The priority for assessments is humanitarian needs.

After a hurricane, it is strongly advised to drink bottle, boiled or treated water. Stay out of flood waters and disaster areas as the water might be contaminated or electrically charged. Turn off your electrical switch box if your home will flood. Watch out for snakes and wild animals. Be prepared for flooding.

Keep on your masks, practice social distance, wash your hands regularly and practice good cough and sneeze etiquette.