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COVID-19 Situation Update As of 7th July, 2020

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Highlights: COVID-19 Response Interventions


  • Psychosocial counselling webinar provided to 34 team members of Sisters for Sisters’ Project by Dr. Chhori Laxmi Maharjan. The session focused on stress release and body/mind relaxation.

  • A total of 56 teachers and Big Sisters were provided with Safeguarding and Online Safety session Dhading, and Parsa.

  • Broadcasted eight episode of English and Digital for Girls’ Education- Obla Air is a ‘Learn English’ radio series developed by the British Council to enhance digital and English skill of girls. Direct Audience: 3000 girls and approximately 300000 adolescent girls and boys of Lamjung, Dhading, Parsa and Surkhet districts.

  • 176 Peer Group Leader PGL from EDGE club were mentored by the master trainer following up after the radio program to support their learning skills.

  • Production of Public Service Announcement (PSA) in Education in Emergency, Child Protection and Safeguarding.

  • Broadcasted eight episodes of Radio Program Mano Samajik Sandesh- 10 minutes short radio drama that provides awareness message in Psychosocial aspect.

  • Radio Tuition in Parsa district has been started from Radio Birgunj 99MHz- Teachers from School take lead every day teaching Mathematics, Science and English subject.

  • 620 little sisters are providing with mentoring support by Big Sisters.

  • Monitoring report summary of Online capacity building session: Out of 51 teachers attending the online session there were 28 male and 23 female teachers in Surkhet, Lamjung and Parsa District.