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UNMISS: Quarterly brief on violence affecting civilians (April - June 2020)

South Sudan
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This brief presents an overview of trends in violence affecting civilians in the second quarter (Q2) of 2020, by assessing four major forms of individual harm experienced throughout the conflict (killing, injury, abduction and sexual violence). While the impact of violence extends beyond these forms of harm, they have been the most common incidents documented throughout the conflict in South Sudan.
The UNMISS Human Rights Division (HRD) has developed an incident-based tracking mechanism to 1. For instance, in June, HRD received reports of the alleged killing of approximately 100 individuals, reportedly comprised of fighters and civilians, in Tambura (Western Equatoria), as well as reports of fighting in Gumuruk and Manyabol (Jonglei). However, due to access and movement restrictions, HRD has not yet been able to corroborate the number of civilian casualties. document conflict-related violations and abuses.
This data is disaggregated by the sex and age of victims. Sources of information include victim and eyewitness accounts, as well as reports from secondary sources identified during HRD field missions. All reported incidents, particularly those involving intercommunal violence, are deconflicted with incidents documented by the UNMISS Civil Affairs Division (CAD).