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Peru: Nearly 50 tons of food delivered to 46 indigenous communities in Loreto region

Govt. Peru
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The national school feeding program Qali Warma delivered 49.5 tons of food to 4,817 indigenous citizens in 46 communities belonging to Secoya, Kiwcha, Huitoto, Yaguas and Ticuna indigenous peoples living in Yavari (Mariscal Ramon Castilla Province) and Teniente Manuel Clavero (Putumayo Province) districts, at the border with Brazil and Colombia.

"The Qali Warma program has worked closely with the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion to ensure that this healthy food reaches indigenous communities living at the border area with Brazil and Colombia, for which we are truly grateful. The food will be transported in river boats," Yavari Mayor Tito Lozano stated.

This is the second delivery of food to Teniente Manuel Clavero district (Putumayo Province), which this time has received 22.9 tons of quality and safe products for 2,317 inhabitants.

This delivery is carried out within the framework of Legislative Decree No. 1472, which allows the aforementioned social program to buy and deliver food at the request of district municipalities, ministries, among others.

Thus, the decree expands Qali Warma's coverage to exceptionally include people in situation of vulnerability in the current context of health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The distribution is carried out through municipalities and sectors that may require so.

Qali Warma explained that the delivery is made at the request of the Municipalities of Yavari and Teniente Manuel Clavero.

The delivered foodstuffs include noodles, rice, legumes, beans, milk, sugar, banana flour, kiwicha oats, and oil for a period of 30 days.