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Statement attributed to Mr. Massimo Diana, Humanitarian Coordinator A.I. for Sudan, on World Humanitarian Day 2020 [EN/AR]

UN RC/HC Sudan
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Khartoum, 19 August 2020. On this World Humanitarian Day we pay tribute to aid workers who commit their lives to helping others. This year we want to especially recognize the efforts of humanitarians –most of them Sudanese– who support their own communities during these extraordinary times. They are our real-life heroes. The conditions that aid workers face is unforgiving, and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus arrived when millions of Sudanese were already struggling to get food and shelter. More than 9 million people—nearly a quarter of Sudan’s population– need humanitarian assistance. Vulnerabilities of women and children increased as a result of COVID-19 and we use this day to redouble our commitment to help them navigate this pandemic.

Aid workers in Sudan are the young women heading a local peace-building project. The refugee nurse treating sick patients without supplies. And the father who moved away from his kids to protect civilians. To honor these people, we remind the parties in Sudan to follow International Humanitarian Law. Allowing aid workers to fulfill their roles is a direct contribution to the wellbeing of the people of Sudan.

Despite the challenges, and thanks to the support from our donors, we have helped more than 7 million people so far this year. Today we reiterate our commitment to the people of Sudan.
Your kindness despite years of hardship inspires us. And we honor the humanitarian workers and front-line responders who create a better Sudan.


This year’s World Humanitarian Day campaign is featuring the work of front-line responders across the world who are doing extraordinary things, during extraordinary times, to save lives. Join the campaign by going to and sharing the messages.